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SEVERE weather conditions such as SERIOUS flooding may warrant that Sports Day be canceled. Use common sense, but don't assume that Sports Day will be canceled because it is raining. If Sports Day is being canceled a notice will be posted on this website AFTER 6:30am (see below). On questionable days check the notice, if there is no cancellation notice on this website expect that Sports Day is taking place. An email will also be sent. Make sure that Sports Day has the correct email addresses for students and parents.


Good Weather Planned


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HCYA (Homeschool Christian Youth Association) Sports Day is an intramural physical education program that takes place at the Willowbrook Sports Complex, 12539 Perry Road in northwest Houston (see map below). We have five indoor basketball courts and an outdoor cement  area for games. Games may include: volleyball, basketball, flag football, war ball, camp games, capture the flag, indoor soccer, street hockey, kickball, and others. Students choose four activities to participate in each day when they check-in. Students ages 6-9 are rotated through a pre-determined game schedule in teams that are set for the year to minimize confusion. Students age 10 – 18 choose from a list of activities for their age group.

LOCATION: Willowbrook Sports Complex

12539 Perry Road in Northwest Houston
about 1 mile NW of 249 @ 1960

DATES:    2016-2017 School Year    FRIDAYS we meet

Sept 9 & 23
Oct  7 & 21
Nov 18
Dec 2
Jan 6 & 20
Feb 3 & 17    
Mar 3 & 24
April 7 & 21



          8:10 – 9:00             1st PERIOD -- REGISTRATION & GAMES
          9:05 – 9:15             PRAYER & ANNOUNCEMENTS
          9:20 – 9:55             2nd PERIOD
        10:00 – 10:45           3rd PERIOD
        10:50 – 11:25           4th PERIOD
        11:30 – 11:45           ORIENTATION MEETING



          8:15 – 8:40             REGISTRATION
          8:40 – 8:45             PRAYER
          8:45 – 9:25             1st PERIOD
          9:30 – 10:10           2nd PERIOD
        10:15 – 10:55           3rd PERIOD
        11:00 – 11:35           4th PERIOD
        11:40 – 11:45           CLOSING REMARKS


8:15 - 11:45 - Pick up your kids promptly at 11:45!!
Note: A $10.00 fee may be charged for kids not picked up by 12:00
If you know you are going to be late call Jeannie Tate on her cell phone:  713-397-3878

AGES: As of September 1  (children do not change groups if their birthday occurs during the school year)

Girls & Boys
Sophomore:   6 - 9 yrs. old     (split in 4 groups for activities: age 6, 7, 8, & 9)
                                                   [enrollment may need to be limited - please check]
Juniors:     10 - 13 yrs. old       
Seniors:    14 yrs. and older    

GUESTS: May attend ONE TIME ONLY!  Download Guest Form & Medical Release Form

$8.00  Guest Fee
$6.00  T-Shirt Rental   ($3.00 is returned at end of the day when the t-shirt is turned in)

DRESS CODE:   A HCYA t-shirt (this includes volleyball or other HCYA competitive sports shirt) MUST be worn and visible during each session. Do not alter the look of the shirt by cutting or decorating it. If, for any reason, you are unable to wear your shirt, you must rent a shirt for that day at the main registration table. The shirt will be turned in at the end of the day. A rental fee and a deposit will be collected. The deposit will be returned when the shirt is returned. Any shorts or pants worn must be appropriate and modest. Only tennis shoes may be worn no sandals, street shoes, or heelies. Specifically for gentlemen: NO cutoff shorts, ear rings/jewelry/pants chains, gothic clothing/accessories, revealing undergarments, extreme hair styles and hair colors. Specifically for ladies: NO skin tight clothing (shorts must be worn over leggings), short or revealing shorts, jewelry, and extreme hair styles and hair colors. NO HCYA SHIRT - NO PLAY!!!

MAIL-IN REGISTRATION: You may mail your completed registration packet (see links below to download) provided that it is postmarked by September 2nd. Mailing in your registration will cut down your wait in line on the first day. Pre-registered students, with shirts, will be able to proceed directly to daily check-in to pay the daily fee. If new shirts are purchased with your registration you will need to pick them up first at the t-shirt area. Be sure to include the following when you mail in your registration packet:




  • MEDICAL FORM (Signature Page & Personal Information) - 2 pages

  • T-SHIRT ORDER FORM (if new shirts needed) - pick up ordered shirts the first Sports Day



  • CHECK - please make your check payable to "HCYA" - DO NOT include the daily fee in your check amount for mailed registrations. The daily fee will be paid the first Sports Day
        Mail your registration info to:
              HCYA Sports Day
              Jeannie Tate
              12954 Westleigh
              Houston, Texas 77077

By the way .. you can start attending Sports Day any time during the year. Check the scheduled dates above. You can register on-site on the first day you attend Sports Day. On the day you register, come early to allow 30 minutes to complete forms and registration.

EXPENSES: HCYA Annual Membership: $20.00/person

NOTE:  EVERYONE including Staff, and LATs must join HCYA

DAILY USE FEE: $8.00/person   

Staff  Kids: $ 6.00/person (max $12.00 for family)
T-Shirts      $11.00/person  (staff & LAT shirts are no cost)
(Your child does not need a t-shirt if he/she already has one)


Jeannie Tate - Director
       cell:  713-397-3878 
Email Jeannie Tate at:    


Students 15 and older who would like to assist contact Jeannie Tate at:   
Download LAT Application - The Background Check Form needs to be turned in with the Application.



STAFF VOLUNTEERS: Sports Day is NOT intended as a "drop-off" child sitting service. It is a program of homeschool families coming together to provide the fun and fulfillment of sports activities and homeschool friends. Don't just take advantage of the willingness of other homeschool parents to serve. Discover for yourself the joy of serving as a Sports Day Volunteer! Sports Day can't take place without help! Please let us know if you can help in one of the following areas:

  • Administrative Helpers  (for check-in payments - then assist coaches or monitor behavior)

  • Sport Sign-Up from 8:00-9:00am  (can be managed by mothers with children under 6 years old)
  • First Aid

COACHES  (experience is helpful, but we will train you for the sports area you coach)

  • Basketball
  • Flag Football
  • War Ball
  • Volleyball
  • Capture the Flag
  • Camp Games (ie. Parachute Games, Relays, etc.)
  • Floor Hockey
  • Ultimate Frisbee

If you want to help, email Jeannie Tate at    or call Jeannie Tate
@ 713-397-3878.  Sports Day does not run effectively without a sufficient number of volunteers. Join your kids for the fun.



Sports Day uses email for ALL communication to participating families. If you do not have an email address for the family or for the parent responsible for getting the students to Sports Day, we HIGHLY recommend that you get an email address!!  Email addresses are used only for communication from HCYA. All email addresses are kept in strictest confidence and no email addresses, or other personal information, is shared with any other organization! Let Jeannie know of any email changes during the year.



All registration materials may be filled out the first day. Come early - it takes awhile to go over it with your kids and fill out all of the forms. Be sure to bring information on your Insurance and Emergency Numbers. If you have not filled out and signed the forms ahead of time A PARENT MUST BE THERE TO REGISTER. PARENTS MUST sign the HCYA Membership Form and Medical Release Form before their children can participate.

September 2nd !!! 
Bring them in to Sports Day!

Please forward this to your friends and support group members who might be interested in joining us!

To view and print the download files you must first install Adobe Acrobat Reader or a similar PDF management program on your computer. Click on the link and follow the directions to install the reader, then return to this page and download the necessary files.  NOTE:  On the Adobe Download page UNCHECK to install any additional software.

ELECTRONIC FORMS:   All of the forms are electronic PDF forms. You can fill them out with Adobe Acrobat Reader or most other PDF management forms. The forms have been designed to simplify filling out the forms with your computer. When you fill out the 1st form - the HCYA Membership Registration - most of the similar fields on many of the other forms are automatically completed.

BE SURE TO CHECK ALL THE FIELDS on all of the forms! Not all fields are filled out automatically.

If you are unable to print out the documents you can pick them up and fill them out at Sports Day the first time you come.

         NOTE:  Pay attention where you save the file to so you can find it and open it to print

Sports Day FULL Registration Package
(includes: Registration Info, Map, 11 Commandments (Rules of Participation), HCYA Membership Form, HCYA Statement of Belief, Student Registration Form, Medical Authorization Form, and T-Shirt Order Form, Staff Application, Leadership Action Team Application, AND Background Check Form) - everything you need!

BOTH the Sports Day Registration AND the HCYA Membership Form
(both are in the FULL Sports Day Registration Package)
must be printed, completed, and submitted to enroll in Sports Day


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