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Homeschool Christian Youth Association

HCYA (Homeschool Christian Youth Association) is one of the oldest and largest homeschool support organizations of its kind in Texas and the United States. For over 40 years HCYA has been serving homeschoolers in the Greater Houston area with a variety of sports programs.

We currently offer the following programs  for homeschooled students:

                   Basketball             Baseball           Rugby         Soccer          Softball        Swimming        Volleyball

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Statement of Purpose

The Homeschool Christian Youth Association (HCYA) is a nonprofit, incorporated, Christian service organization established to serve home school families and students in Houston and the surrounding area. The Board consists of volunteer Christians who desire to accomplish the following Statement of Purpose and who agree with the following Statement of Belief.

HCYA, as an organization, and in all of its activities and publications, has the purpose of being consistently and forthrightly Christian to the honor and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. HCYA does not discriminate in its provision of services due to race or religion. HCYA admits homeschool students of any race, color, nation, and ethnic origin to its programs. It does not discriminate on the basis of any of these in administration of its educational, admissions, or scholarship programs.

Statement of Belief

We believe:

  1. The Bible is the inspired and infallible Word of God and constitutes completed and final revelation. The Bible, in its original autograph, is without error in whole and in part, including theological concepts as well as geographical and historical details.

  2. God has existed from all eternity in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ was God come in human flesh being fully God and fully man, except without sin.

  3. All men are in violation of God's righteous requirements and His holy character both by nature and by act, and are therefore under His wrath and just condemnation. The central purpose of the coming of Jesus Christ was to pay the penalty for man's sin through His substitutionary death on the cross - the successful accomplishment of which was attested to by His subsequent visible, bodily resurrection.

  4. Salvation is offered as a gift, free to the sinner. This gift must be responded to in individual faith, not trusting in any personal works whatsoever, but in the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ alone.

HCYA does not require that participants agree with all points of its Statement of Faith. Only that all participants recognize and accept that HCYA and its leadership adheres to the Statement of Faith.

Registration, General Questions & Website Help

Stacy Schochler
M-F 9am-5pm

Corporate Office contact

Sarah Yount