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Volunteer Positions

It takes over 50 committed volunteer staff to make the program work.
We have a need for adult staff and part time Teen Staff.


Sports Day is NOT intended as a "drop-off" child-sitting service. It is a program of homeschool families coming together to provide the fun and fulfillment of sports activities and homeschool friends. It is not required for you to volunteer, but highly encouraged. If you have small children, we have limited space for volunteers, but it is not necessary for you to stay on-site the entire time. We don't have room for parents to stay and 'watch'. In fact, at the new facility, there really isn't any way for parents to watch, and our space is limited. The tables in the middle are use for students, so please do not sit there without asking first. Thanks for understanding.

Sports Day does not run effectively without a sufficient number of volunteers.
More information about volunteering can be found below.

Don't just take advantage of the willingness of other homeschool parents to serve. Discover for yourself the joy of serving as a Sports Day Volunteer! 

Job sharing is available for those that cannot come every single time. You are responsible for finding someone to share your job. 



We provide a number of benefits to parents who volunteer to serve on the regular Sports Day staff. 
  • Children of regular staff pay a reduced Daily Fee of $5 per child with a family maximum being $10/week. (For Example: if you have 6 kids and you or your teen are a volunteer, then you only pay $10 each time you come)
  • Volunteers DO NOT PAY the HCYA Membership Fee or the Sports Day Administration Fee
  • Staff /LAT shirts are provided without charge. 
  • Children of staff can check-in and sign up for games before non-staff kids at Sports Day (8-8:15).



Please prayerfully consider any way you can serve – we need volunteers and cannot serve effectively without you. Adults (including fathers) with even part-time ability are welcome. Job Sharing is available for anyone that cannot work every single time. The background check forms are kept filed off site. 

The Sports Day management REALLY does not like pleading. Positions remain open where you can serve. 

We have a spot for a limited number of parents with children under age 6 children to serve from 8-9:10 each Sports Day. Your younger children must remain with you (we suggest bringing something busy to keep them occupied). Please check this area on the staff form IF you have children that are under age 6 and you are NOT able to stay and serve full time. This staff position has the same volunteer benefits listed below. 


Volunteer Positions

*Please note that some positions may or may not be available depending on returning adult staff. Do not let this deter you from volunteering.  We do not know from year to year who is returning and who is not. 

Coaches/Game Leader of any age:  Leading students in playing the games we offer (see the Homeschool PE home page for a list of games we play and the Game Rules page for more details). This job requires you to be onsite by 8:15 am and staying until 11:45 each week and training is available. 

Junior/Senior Game Sign Up: Assisting students ages 10 + in signing up for their choice of games each period. This job usually last about 1.5 hours. Arrival before 8am is required. (space is limited to 8 adults w/previous serving adults getting seniority) 

Freshman or Sophomore Leader: Assisting students ages 6/7 or 8/9 in rotating between preassigned games each period. Monitoring behavior, game play and sometimes leading a game is part of this job. 

First Aid: assisting students with medical needs, during the day, logging injuries, etc... arrival by 8:15am and staying until 11:45 is required. (2 spots available with previous serving adults having seniority) 

Registration/Check In: Collecting students daily fees, taking attendance, some accounting is required. Arrival by 7:45-50 is mandatory. We cannot start Sports Day without an adult at each of the stations. There are 3-4 spots available depending on previously serving adults. 


Sports Day cannot function without a committed Teen Staff, sometimes called LATs. LAT stands for Leadership Action Team - leadership and active service combined 

It is NOT a position focused on having fun – the focus is on serving others … and discovering the joy of serving.  Teen Staff/LATs often help keep Sports Day glued together. LATs in past years have performed vital duties in coaching and assisting other adult leaders when adult staff  were absent. Sports Day needs you and is very thankful to have you. 

Teenagers must have been a participant for at least one semester before being allowed to be on the Teen Staff.
If you have a teenager 15 years or older that would like to be on our Teen Staff, please select ‘Teen Staff’ in the registration and fill out the application. This registers your teen for both staff and Sports Day.

Teen Staffers can receive the same discount as an Adult Staffer. Please contact Stacy for more details. 

*We do have a position for a few 14 year olds, but these positions are reserved for teens that have been a participant in Sports Day for at least 3 years or more. 

Please email Stacy if you have a teen interested in volunteering. 


Click on the link to see what positions are still open for volunteers.